The Farm

Nestled in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, Bells Lane Farm is a working cattle operation located mostly within the city limits of Staunton, Virginia. The landscape has supported cattle for generations but its grass is now used to wean calves that will be sold into the Whole Foods network. Able to roam many acres of lush grassland, the cattle grow strong and healthy.

In addition to healthy cattle, the owners consider stewardship of the land a priority. They first began cleaning up the water by fencing cattle off from streams and waterways throughout the property in 1998. They built wells for fresh drinking water for the cattle. And, they were among the first farmers in the area to take advantage of a government program of planting trees along the waterways to help clean and filter the water.

Should you find yourself walking down beautiful Bells Lane, take a minute to gaze at the sights around you. Most definitely you’ll spot part of our herd grazing about. If you are lucky, you might see a newborn calf with its protective mother. And you might find yourself approached by a curious adolescent or two. Enjoy the views, say hello, and to be safe, stay on your side of the fence.

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