Buying Our Beef

Most of the cattle on Bells Lane Farm are raised and finished on grass but occasionally we will corn finish by special request. We offer several options for buying our beef.

The easiest way to purchase small quantities is to pick it up at your local Whole Foods Store near our area. Charlottesville, VA is the closest. While it won’t have our name on it, it will be sold with other local beef under the natural Whole Foods label.

A way to purchase Bells Lane beef exclusively is through Staunton’s Local Food Drive -Thru. They offer a local food effort featuring lots of local farmers. We are thrilled to be included with this bunch of diverse, committed farmers.

Order a prepared meal of Bells Lane Farm beef from LUNdCH or have them cater your special event.

If you want a large portion of beef, you may special order a whole, half, or quarter of our beef for your freezer. Contact our farm manager at 540-294-4260

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